I love that I get to serve churches and leaders who serve others with Legacy Now. In random order, here is a list of one line thoughts from the last season of serving others. Not intended to be negative, just honest and hopefully helpful for you as you serve others.

  1. Culture doesn’t change overnight, but it will never change until you address the elephant in the room.
  2. A pastor has a lot more affect on the overall culture of a church than they might think.
  3. It’s a great challenge to lead others well if you are not being led well.
  4. One of the main ways the enemy is attacking church culture is through poor communication and bad assumption.
  5. This generation of young leaders want to be known yet struggle to be fully known by others.
  6. Technology helps ministries a ton but can lead to a nasty comparison trap.
  7. Students are more aware. Not mature, but aware. Awareness does not always mean maturity.
  8. When you shut down a student from sharing what they really think, you are creating a moment in their life that says church is not safe.
  9. Safe cultures have a way of attracting students in unsafe places.
  10. Just because it works at another church does not mean it will work in yours.
  11. Volunteers serve for a reason. Stoke the fire and remind the purpose.
  12. Healthy staff cultures have a way of leading to healthy volunteer cultures. The reverse is true too.
  13. The Gospel still works and the church is still the light of the world and a community.
  14. Teenagers don’t care what you know until they know that you care.
  15. The tension of content/programming when you have middle school students in the room with high school students is real. But it’s a healthy tension.
  16. Social media gets a lot of negative press. But it can be one of the best tools to keep students/parents/volunteers engaged in your ministry.
  17. People will check your social media. Update accordingly.
  18. We all need an advocate and safe place to process thigns. Front line warriors deal with crazy things. Honored to play that role in the lives of others.