Recently at our high school small group I went old school. I gave them a bunch of fill int the blank one line thoughts of things i wanted them to know about manhood/life/leadership.

It made for some good conversation.  I’ll put the questions and answers afterwards.

I am sharing those lines below. Hope they are helpful for you!


Don’t be afraid of ____________ and ________________. (initiation / follow up)


When God _________ you, there is a reason. Do something. (prompts)


There is a way ________ _______ in play than you currently see. (bigger picture)


Decide what ________ you want to tell by God’s grace. (story)


Awareness does not mean ___________. That comes with ___________ and ____________. (maturity.  humility / experience)


Be ___________ about others. (curious)


Everyone needs a _____ ______. Every one. (safe place)


Your private ___________ affects your __________ actions. Both have influence and impact. (character / public)


Todays __________ are tomorrow’s ___________.  (challenges / lessons)


When things don’t go your way you will either _____ to or ______ from God. (run / away)


It’s ok to not be ok, but don’t ____________. Always look for and point to _______. (stay there / hope)


You will never fully grasp ___________. Don’t let that stop you from digging deeper. ( The Bible)


_________ will always be there. Why not act like it now, He’s in it for the long haul. (Jesus)


You don’t have to be __________. Just be ________. (perfect / His )


Your _______ will influence your life more than you think. (friends/choices)


In life you will have a ton of acquaintances, but only a handful of trusted _________. (friends)


Remind yourself of __________ every day. You’ll need it. (The Gospel)