These days if we have an issue, we can usually Google or YouTube it and figure out an answer quickly. That works for most things, but not everything.

As you build your relational ministry, it takes time. There is no quick band-aid fix and it actually takes a lot of intentional planning and time to set your ministry up for long term relational impact.

I know that because I have lived that. I have served in both the para-church and church world for the last 20 years building relational ministries. It is my passion and what I do for a living through Legacy Now. I’ve taken many of the constant issues I’ve heard from student pastors and leaders and put together a quick resource to help you build a ministry based on relationships and the volunteers who invest in them. More and more churches depend on these heroes to help invest well in the students He trusts you with.

I am giving away a E-book I wrote titled “5 Tips To Build Your Relational Ministry” to help you do that. My ministry Legacy Now is for you. I want something for you more than I want something from you. I am also launching a monthly email that will have a quick tip in it to serve you as you invest in others.

To download the book, you need to sign up to get the email. I am honored to be a resource for you. Thanks for allowing me that opportunity. Hoping and praying that it is of help for you.

– Jason

You can access the download page here: Free E-Book