On August 21st I am releasing my new book THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE.

The material has come from my last 20+ years of serving in the trenches of student ministry and investing in students and leaders. Most of the material has been road tested by serving churches and leaders across the country.

And I would love to serve yours.

The goal of my new book is not to just release a book. In fact, that’s secondary. The goal is to serve as many churches and leaders possible helping reach the next generation of leaders and students. The book is crafted as a resource for just that. Each section includes small group questions to help get you and your leaders thinking and talking about how to apply the content. TOML is a field guide resource packed full of practical tips, challenges, and encouragement to help you and your leaders invest in others well.

I made it for you. And would love to help you leverage it to build into your culture for your leaders and students. That might be leading a volunteer training. It might be helping you evaluate and build your relational ministry culture.

The content to do that is ready to go and can be adjusted to your culture and expectations. I will mold the content to make it as personable and applicable possible for each church I get the opportunity to serve.

One of the cool things about my ministry is that I have an incredible team of people who believe in you. They might not know you. But they believe in you and your ministry. They want to help the next gen win so they have invested in my ministry so I can serve you. That means I’m open to what works best for you as far as budget goes. We’ve set my ministry up so that I can serve as many churches possible.

If you would like bring me in to lead a leader training or consult on your ministry, I can also you a bulk deal for books for you and your leaders once it’s released.

I want to help you invest in others well. THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE is a resource to help you with that.

If you want to book me to help you, it’s simple. Email me. I’ll follow up as soon as I can and we can go from there. Already have some dates lined up this fall to help churches using this content and would love to serve yours too.

It would be my great honor to serve you in helping others live.