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400 Miles

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Did you know that jogging shoes have a suggested lifespan?

I had no idea.

In the last few months I have started jogging more often. It has become something I love. Yes, I just wrote those words. Those are heavy words coming from someone who may or may not have had some snarky words for joggers over the years.

In fact, it’s become such a good thing for my mental clarity on top of the health benefits.

When I began I told a friend my feet were hurting badly. He suggested I might need to replace my shoes because the pair I was running in likely were done. I had no idea what he was talking about. My friend shared that most shoes have a lifespan of about 400 miles. Once you’ve jogged or exercised wearing them that long, they need to be replaced.

I have never heard that in my life. I just figured as long as they fit and were comfortable, they were fine. I did some investigation and found my friend’s advice was spot on. An abundance of research states that shoes do in fact have a tread/padding/usage life to them.

I was running in old shoes that needed to be put in the “dirty jobs” pile and not in the “get your run on” pile. My shoes were actually hurting instead of helping, and I didn’t realize it.

Soon afterwards I bought a new pair of jogging shoes, and guess what. I loved them! Jogging felt so much better wearing them. I’m sure part of it was mental, but physically I could feel a difference. An app I use to track my jogging actually tells me how many miles I have on my shoes so I can monitor and be prepared. Crazy, there is this whole world that until a few months ago I didn’t know existed.

As I’ve thought about that, it reminded me of my job. I get to help churches. Often it seems that as I listen and ask questions, I hear something that can help a leader get more traction and run the next season in a better way.

I didn’t know I needed help with my shoes until I started. And then I had to listen to the counsel of my friend. Once I knew what to do, I had to do something with it. In hindsight, my questions led to making it better for me.

The same is true for us as leaders.

Who are you leaning into to help you navigate the challenges that appear as you serve?

Who is helping you who has been there before?

You never know until you ask. As a consultant I know this: when people ask, I am always ready to help. We all have a shelf life as leaders. Just as shoes should be replaced after 400 miles, it’s good to take time to refresh ourselves every now and then so we can make it for the long haul.

Run well, my friend.


  1. I’ve always loved how you can turn a seemingly insignificant story into something with meaning! Great post!

  2. Thanks Matt. Always learning my friend!

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