It sounds so simple, so why is it so hard?

It would be communication.

In today’s world, there are so many ways to communicate, and most of them are impersonal. It’s easier to write a subtweet about someone than address what you really think. It’s easier to direct message someone than tell the person to his or her face.

One of the things I get to do with Legacy Now is spend time with student pastors. I love learning about different cultures and what’s working and what is not; I also love that I can share that with others. Consulting has some cool benefits.

That being said, one of the hard things I see often is the struggle between a student pastor and leadership.

I’ve written about it before and I will keep saying it.

Choose clarity over assumption. Click To Tweet

Choosing to communicate clearly can divert you from the built up frustration that comes from assuming.

I once met with a young visionary leader who had a huge idea for his community. He started a new event and built momentum. Students were coming and bringing friends. He felt on the cusp of something special. His authority? They were not happy he was putting his time in resources in this “new” thing and not building Sunday School. To hear him share, the win for the old leaders was simply “get ‘em in Sunday School.” He mentioned to me the only real chance he had to grow the program would happen when the old folks moved on. He had to make a choice to either engage with those old leaders and make the most of it, or pursue something elsewhere.

Imagine if they would have clearly told him their desires in the interview. (I asked and he said they did not.) Imagine if he felt the freedom to discuss with his church leadership why students in his community were drawn to the event rather than the Sunday morning class. He did not feel that freedom at all. The communication lines were not open. That’s not all “their” fault, but clear communication improves results.

Don’t let the enemy win this area, friend. It’s happening regularly, and our ministries hurt for it. Choosing clear communication is a great way to fight that battle.