I recently worked with a church that had run into a wall trying to build momentum for its student ministry. After talking about what was going on, it was clear to me what was happening.

The leader had not clearly shared his vision. He was getting frustrated that others did not show up or engage in what he was trying to do. They had no clarity on what that was.

It leads me to a fundamental truth I talk about and see often with churches. Don’t assume that because you spend a lot of time talking, praying, and dreaming about something, that those around you are tuned into it. If you work at a church, it’s your job; you spend all week thinking about it. Even those who work with you might not fully know your vision if you don’t communicate it.

Remember that volunteers have a life outside of the church. They might have jobs, families, school, hobbies, and friends among other things. Believe it or not, they don’t sit around all the time waiting to read our emails or see what we post on social media.

If you want them to buy in to the vision, you have to communicate it clearly and often. Click To Tweet

That means on stage, in person, and through all your streams of communication. The vision should be clear and easy to engage.

For example, if you envision a “revival week” and no one else shares that vision or understands why you are doing it, don’t be surprised if they don’t show up. If you are transitioning to small groups, but don’t clearly explain what you are asking of leaders, don’t be shocked to have a room full of Sunday School teachers, not small group leaders.

A friend recently said this to me: “Vision is sometimes the easy part; executing the vision requires a lot of work and commitment.”

Whatever your current vision is, take time to think about those He has put around you. Do they know it? Are they helping you chase the vision? Are you communicating it well?

I’m praying that He will give you the wisdom to answer those honestly and then give you the courage to do whatever you might need to do to engage with it.