So, we just had a new bio written since launching Legacy Now and finishing the new book. If you want to read the long official bio, scroll down. For those of you who are ADD, enjoy the short version below!

Short Version:

* Served over 20 years in student ministry.

* Worked with great organizations- primarily with North Point Community Church & Student Venture. (Campus Crusade for Christ)

* First book “HALT! DISMOUNT AND BE RECOGNIZED” was released in 2008. Second book titled “THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE” was released in 2017.

* Launched Legacy Now, Inc in 2011 to serve churches and organizations doing relational ministry.

* Grateful for all the Lord has allowed me to be a part of and excited about seeing how He leverages that for what’s ahead with Legacy Now.

* Born and raised in Alpharetta, Ga., a northern suburb of Atlanta. Majority of student ministry experience has been in the same community.

Long Version:

Jason Carr has been working in student ministry for almost 20 years with some incredible organizations.  For 10 years Jason served on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ with the student ministry called Student Venture. In his roles with Student Venture, Jason started as a campus intern leading a weekly outreach meeting and also led weekly small groups for students. Jason became the campus director at a high school campus and was in charge of leading the ministry at that campus. That meant leading the volunteers, gathering community interest and support as well as investing in the families and students involved. A few years after taking that role, Jason became the City Director for Student Venture, which gave him the opportunity to lead a full time staff team, a team of volunteers, student leaders as well as directing the ministry in the area. All in all, Jason has the opportunity to invest and influence thousands of students through weekly meetings, outreaches, small groups, camps, conferences and other events. Jason had the honor of leading a ministry that had moved away start back up and establish itself as a strong presence in the community. Over his time with Student Venture, Jason also led some mission trips to take students overseas, he had the opportunity to lead trips to Romania and Bulgaria. He also pioneered a game changing partnership with FCA and some local churches that led to a fruitful season of ministry together.

After 10 years on staff with Campus Crusade, Jason transitioned to a new season. He continued working part time at North Point Community Church with the student ministry. He also started writing monthly for YouthWalk magazine, a publication of Walk Thru The Bible Ministries, Inc. Jason wrote monthly leader guides to help student pastors who use YouthWalk as curriculum. He did this for over 3 years and then transitioned to writing monthly music reviews for YouthWalk.

Not long after that transition, Jason joined the full time staff at North Point Community serving with the student ministry. In his 5 years at North Point, Jason was instrumental for helping implement and lead a new culture for volunteer leaders who serve in the ministry. The number of volunteers and students more than doubled since the team Jason served with implemented some strategic and systematic change. In his role, Jason was responsible for leading over 100 volunteers who lead small groups of students. Jason was in charge of recruiting, training, development and the care and accountability of those leaders. Jason was also big part of getting high school students plugged into the environment. The number of high school students who serve increased by dramatic proportions and continue to this day. In fact there are high school students serving now because of those recruited to lead when they were in middle school. Jason also helped his team by communicating, hosting, and helping lead the environment. Also, he was a part of the writing and development of leader training and curriculum for students.

Jason is also the author of “HALT! DISMOUNT AND BE RECOGNIZED.” HALT is a book about life’s journey that has been written to be a tool to be used by small groups. The book has received some great feedback; most importantly some small groups are leveraging it to have some life defining conversations about God. Currently Jason is writing his next book called “LEGACY NOW!” which is a book about relational ministry for student pastors and small group leaders.

For over 15 years, Jason had a small group of high school guys that he led weekly. These groups of guys gathered every week to spend time talking about their faith, leadership and their influence in the world. Through these groups, Jason has had the opportunity to mentor generations of students. Jason has helped officiate the marriages of many former students; he has also continued to be a presence in the lives of many students as they move on from school. In honor of his leadership of generations of students and the legacy he has left, the ReThink group presented Jason with “The Orange Award” at the Orange Conference in Atlanta in 2008. This award was presented because of his continued influence in the lives of students and families.

It’s that influence and experience that has led Jason to start his own company called “Legacy Now.” Legacy Now exists to lead the leaders who lead students. After many  years of leading students, Jason is qualified and ready to invest in other leaders who have the desire to do the same thing. Having worked with 2 completely different, yet both very successful and renowned ministries, Jason brings a unique pedigree to any leader. His ability to help other leaders discern how they can be the best they can be is a gift that he is hoping to leverage to help partner with leaders to help influence the next generation.

More than anything else, Jason’s greatest passion is to help others live a legacy that points to His Kingdom. By God’s grace, the story He is telling through Jason’s life and ministry is doing just that.

Organizations mentioned in this bio: