My journey has been a crazy one…

Sunday School teacher? Check.

Para-Church ministry full time? Check.

Church Volunteer? Check.

Church Ministry full time? Check.

Over the last almost 20 years I’ve been honored to serve in all kinds of ministries big and small. I’ve led meetings in a students living room with just a few people and spoken to a sea of students in a packed room. I’ve recruited and maintained volunteers. I’ve been the “guy” speaking, doing games and managing everything in between. As I look back on the journey it’s obvious that the Lord has put me in a place to spend the next season of my life helping other leaders from all kinds of churches and organizations to do relational ministry.

That’s what Legacy Now is all about. I’d love to help you and your ministry live a legacy that is about His Kingdom. That looks different with every church and leader I’ve been honored to serve. I’m not selling a system or a product, I’m offering my ministry to serve you and yours. For some it has been speaking, for others coaching and consulting and others leadership training. Whatever I can potentially do to help you in your ministry—I’d love to talk to you about that.

The journey is long and many times it is not easy. We all need allies on the journey and can’t do this alone. Legacy Now is here to be an ally for you.

If you are a student pastor interested in my ministry you can learn more at the main site here.

If you would like to connect, you can find my contact info on the contact page above. You can also email me by clicking on the email icon on your right.