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A retreat for student pastors to refresh, refill and refocus for the journey ahead hosted by Legacy Now.


We had a blast at the first HALT and at this point do plan to host another retreat in 2014. Be sure to follow our blog and Jason on Twitter here to keep up to date on any news about the next retreat.

If you would be interested in having Jason help you with your retreat, please contact us using the contact page above.

The HALT! Retreat is a time intended to help student pastors and ministry leaders to be refreshed, refilled and refocus in your relationship with God and for the journey ahead. Our goal is to create space for you to get away- have some focused time to be encouraged and challenged as a ministry leader and follower of Christ. This retreat is for anyone engaged in relational ministry from different denominations and organizations. We want to create space to help you have some focused time to stop and be encouraged for your journey because you do so much for so many others journeys.

After the last season of serving leaders in different capacities we feel convicted that one of the roles we can play in serving the church is to invest in your heart. It’s what Jesus did- before he did anything he met people where they were and led them from there. In the same way we’d love to help invest in your heart as a follower of Christ and a leader so that you can be the best you can at what He has trusted you with.

Who is this for?
This retreat is for those engaged in relational ministry primarily with students. Student pastors and their teams are welcome to attend.



Who is leading this?
Legacy Now is a ministry led by Jason Carr. Our desire is to help lead the leaders who lead others. With our board and leadership we have well over 75 years of experience in the trenches of ministry from all walks of life. We’ll be leading the content along with some help for the music… trust us, you don’t want us leading the music.

How Much?
The cost for the retreat is $50 a person. This covers your lodging, food (dinner, breakfast and lunch) and materials. You can pay via PayPal using the registration link. If you would prefer another way to pay, please contact us at contact@legacynow.me and we can make arrangements.

What will we be doing?
This will be a fairly organic event- think hanging out with some of your tribe for a day. A leader with an acoustic guitar. Bonfire. Some great focused discussion and simple time for you to be with the Lord. Some ministry encouragement and challenge. To help keep the simple feel, we will be limiting registration to around 20 leaders for this retreat. Registration will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Please email us at contact@legacynow.me.

How do I register?
You can register online when we launch. TBA.

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  1. Jonathan Overholser

    September 12, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Really looking forward to it! Thanks for leading this!

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